CrazyTalk for Skype


Add emotive facial animation to your Skype conversations




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If you have the new version of Skype which allows you to have Video conversations, CrazyTalk for Skype will fun up your converations.

CrazyTalk for Skype is a dynamic animated messaging tool featuring customizable emotive facial animation allowing you to create Skype characters from your digital photos.

CrazyTalk for Skype includes several animated avatars, but you can easily create your own ones to have fun conversations using Skype.

It isvery easy to use, you only have to run Skype (1.4 or higher) and then, run CrazyTalk for Skype and you’ll see its intuitive interface which will allow you to have animated conversations using your avatars.

If you create your own character you can share it with your friends.

From now on your Skype conversations will not be the same.
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